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About Riverside Leadership Academy

How RLA Helps Students Succeed

  • Small class sizes with an average teacher to student ratio of 1:20 and teacher assistants in K-3rd grades

  • Project Based Learning basis 

  • Partnerships with families and the larger community

  • Dedicated community service and military liaison 

Riverside Leadership Timeline

April 2022: Riverside Leadership Academy’s Board of Directors applied for a charter.

December 2022: Riverside Leadership Academy’s charter received approval from the Charter School advisory board and be recommended to the State Board of Education

February 2023: Riverside Leadership Academy received approval from the State Board of Education

December 2023: Riverside Leadership Academy will begin accepting applications for enrollment for their August 2024 opening.

Riverside Leadership Academy Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Through project based and leadership curriculums, Riverside Leadership Academy develops confident, community focused, future ready leaders. Students thrive from meaningful connections between families, school staff, and community members curated by involvement of all stakeholders.

Vision Statement

Riverside Leadership Academy provides a holistic and innovative approach to the growth and development of our future leaders.


  • To lead from where you are

  • ​To empower courage and confidence

  • ​To honor individuality

  • To encourage curiosity, ambition, and initiative​

  • ​To promote a culture of approachability, open communication, and support​

Future Location

Riverside Leadership Academy will be located at

1955 Old Airport Road, New Bern.

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