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Elementary Science Class


Our Educational Model that makes RLA unique:

  • Project Based Learning 

  • Aligned with the NC Essential Standards

    • 8 Essential Elements to prepare students to be capable leaders

      1. Key Knowledge

      2. Understanding

      3. Success Skills

      4. Challenging Problem or Question

      5. Sustained Inquiry

      6. Public Product

      7. Authenticity

      8. Reflection

  • Responsive Classrooms

    • Create safe classrooms and good citizens

    • Research-based program that shows students learn best when they feel safe, challenged, and happy. 

    • Five main components:

      1. Morning Meeting

      2. Hopes and Dreams

      3. Rule Creation

      4. Guided Discovery

      5. Logical Consequences

    • During the first six weeks of school, students spend time learning the rules, routines, and procedures that will foster our students as independent learners and will help our classrooms run smoothly.

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Meet Our Director of
Curriculum and Instruction

RLA Is proud to present our new Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Kelli Miller. Read about Kelli's experience and academic philosophy here!

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